Coll’s Quiz

Coll's Quiz

Coll is having trouble remembering things after his long journey. Can you help him by giving the right answers to his quiz? Some of the answers are on the website, and some you will find when you read his Tales of Enchantment. I’m sure Branwen will be a great help (that is, if she’s not too busy pecking things apart on the site. She really is a very bad raven!)

1. What kind of druid is Coll?
2. Who pulls the sword out of the stone?
3. What is Wintereve?
4. Where does Coll find Merlin's cave?
5. How many Treasures of Britain does Coll find?
6. What is Finn's other name?
7. What is the modern name for Ellan Vannin?
8. What are the Children of Lir turned into?
9. Who gives Caliburn to King Arthur?
10. How do Coll and Branwen return to Callanish?