Atticus’ Quiz

Atticus the Storyteller would like to ask you some questions. Some of them you can find answers to on the website, some you will have to read the book about him to answer. Have fun and impress your teacher with your amazing knowledge of Greek gods and heroes (as well as goddesses and heroines!)

Atticus's Quiz
1. What is Atticus's donkey called?
2. Which Greek Island does Atticus live on?
3. Where does the Great Storytelling Competition take place?
4. How many tasks does Heracles have to do for King Eurystheus?
5. Who is Athene the Goddess of Wisdom's father?
6. What is Aphrodite the Goddess of?
7. How did the Greeks eventually get into Troy?
8. Who turned everything he touched to gold?
9. Who is Odysseus married to?
10. On which ship does Jason sail to steal the Golden Fleece?