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Welcome to my Big Blog of Books and Writing. If you’re looking for my old blog you can still find that here and my articles for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure here.

Flow: A Pair of New Masterclasses for Writers

Exciting news! For 2019 I am embarking on a new teaching project with the bestselling writer, Michelle Lovric (The Book of Human Skin, My Sister Milly). This March and April,Continue Reading

After the Election – a response to President-Elect Trump

I have thought long and hard about posting this, but we who are writers must stand up and be counted. Above all, we must call to account the ones whoContinue Reading

CHOSEN is nearly here!

I’ve just put up the website page for the continuation of Cleo’s adventures – my newest teen novel, Chosen, which will be out on 10th March. It’s got another amazingContinue Reading

The Joy of Creative Napping

I posted this on another blog some years ago. Someone asked me about it just now, and it has been something that other writers have found very useful when I’veContinue Reading

It’s #UKYADAY – Win a CLEO Mug to celebrate!

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED It’s #UKYADAY, organised by the amazing @LucyTheReader over on Twitter. To celebrate, I’m giving away one of my fantabulous CLEO mugs. All you have to do is toContinue Reading

The UKYA Easter Egg Hunt

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED! THE WINNER WILL BE NOTIFIED SHORTLY! Welcome to the UKYA Easter Egg Hunt! One very lucky winner will win a HUGE grand prize of signed booksContinue Reading

Young Reader Love for Beasts of Olympus

I love getting reviews from young readers, and I was so happy to receive two recent ones about my Beasts of Olympus series – from a five year-old and aContinue Reading

The CLEO cover reveal!

I am SO excited to reveal the brand-new and shiny cover for CLEO, book one of my Young Cleopatra YA novel series. I absolutely love it, and think the OrchardContinue Reading

My Love Letter to Scotland

I had to write this. However you feel, whichever side of the #IndyRef vote you are on, please take it in the spirit with which it is meant. Love. DearContinue Reading

Piccadilly Press to Publish Beasts of Olympus series

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Piccadilly Press will be publishing my brand-new Beasts of Olympus series in the UK from January 2015 onwards. The announcement was made in today’sContinue Reading

Over on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure…

I have blogged about the first ever Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC) – and the Brilliance of Book Bloggers! Do go and have a read HERE.

Upcoming Events Calendar

You can book me for events by contacting me through my schools page or via my publishers. I do get very booked up around World Book Week in March, soContinue Reading

Writing tips 1: How to Work with Myths and Legends

Since I am this mad mythology-obsessed writer, I thought I’d kick off my series of occasional writing tips and tricks with brief ‘useful guide’ for those of you who mightContinue Reading

New Beginnings

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to my brand-new website and blog, created by the brilliant Andrew and Rebecca Brown of Design for Writers.  I’m so happy with it that IContinue Reading