Greek Beasts and Heroes – 12-Book Series

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Illustrated by Anthony Lewis

published by Orion Children’s Books

Embark on a journey through the ancient world and enjoy the greatest stories ever told!

The original Atticus the Storyteller’s 100 Greek Myths has been a favourite with children for many years.  Now Atticus and Melissa return in a new formata highly-collectible series of 12 bright 80-page paperbacks for children aged 5-8, with all the original full-colour illustrations and new handy ‘What to Read Next’ hints at the back.

Pocket size and perfect for solo reading as well as bedtime. Start collecting them now!

See my Atticus the Storyteller’s 100 Greek myths page for more information, extracts and audio clips.

Reviews and quotes

“We’re suckers for the old myths and legends here at Bookbag, and are always keen to get a fix of Zeus, Gaia, Prometheus and Uranus. Greek Beasts and Heroes is a fabulous introduction to them for confident readers. Having Atticus’ adventures as the overriding narrative means the myths are told as short standalone stories – perfect for bedtime reading, although you’ll probably have to read just one more. By keeping them separate, even jumping around in chronology somewhat, it means children don’t have to keep track of all the characters and how they interact. Because they don’t have to, they will just make the necessary connections at their own pace.  The writing is direct and punchy, allowing the myths to shine…the sort of book(s) that you could get completely hooked on and plough straight through, wanting one more story after another. ‘Series’ can often be a dirty word in children’s books – focussed more on the collecting, rather than the quality. However, the quality in the Greek Beasts and Heroes is top notch throughout the first four books. There’s no hard sell, just offering more of the same. Although Atticus’ story does link everything together nicely, there’s no real reason why you couldn’t read the stories out of order, or indeed just pick up any one of the books. It’ll make for a great set to own and read again and again. I can’t wait for the rest of them! Highly recommended.”
Keith Dudhnath at

“Long before the likes of Superman was winging his way around the world, there was a whole host of heroes and villains performing feats to make your hair stand on end!
Those ancient Greeks really knew how to tell a cracking story and now a new generation of children can get to grips with Pandora and her box of evil tricks, Zeus and his armed monsters and Typhon with his hundred heads. Some of the greatest stories ever told have never been more accessible than in these charming and eye-catching books which have an easy-to-understand text accompanied by exciting and high impact illustrations.  Every page and every picture tell a wonderful story in this fascinating and fun collection of books for young readers aged five to eight.
It would be beastly not to let your children take an unforgettable trip to ancient Greece.”
Lancashire Evening Post February 2010

“Ideal for newly independent readers. The tales are short and the plots kept simple and uncomplicated. Coats’ style also offers much to fire the imagination and foster the art of storytelling, with its richly patterned story language and well-chosen description. A promising new series to accompany study of the Ancient Greeks, children in Year 2 upwards should find these books accessible and engaging, fun to read for themselves, to recommend to others, and to search out the whole set!”
  February 2010

“I like hanging out with intelligent people. Like Lucy Coats, for instance. Thank Zeus & Co for educated writers who will make things available to me in a form I can digest. Now, take Europa and the Bull. I should know their story intimately, back-to-front and always. But I don’t/didn’t. I’m sure I have heard the tale, but managed to forget it.  So, I’m very grateful to Lucy, and now I’ll endeavour to remember.  The stories are beautifully short, which means they should work well to read to a young child, or have the child read themselves, with room for a second story if required…I can’t praise Lucy enough for shrinking them down to what matters. Keep them coming!”
Ann Giles at