New Beginnings

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to my brand-new website and blog, created by the brilliant Andrew and Rebecca Brown of Design for Writers.  I’m so happy with it that I could dance up and down and wag my tail.  I hope you will be too. Finally, I have everything in one place.

Here, you will be able find out about me and my writing, be the first to hear news about new books and forthcoming events, tweet me, connect with me on all my various social media platforms, read my blogposts, download colouring sheets for kids, watch  my videos and trailers, discover what I offer in the way of school visits and adult learning, and, of course, email me if you have questions.

Please do have a browse around, and feel free to let me know if there’s something which isn’t clear, or doesn’t work for you, or something you feel is missing. There’s always room for improvement!

The Big Blog of Books and Writing will replace my original Scribble City Central blog, and I’ll be focusing on writing tips, news, the occasional opinion piece and interview, and a few reviews of books I really like. I’ll also continue to blog on 19th of every month at An Awfully Big Blog Adventure.

I hope you’ll come back here often to see what’s new and exciting. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Lucy Coats

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